- (kakodaimon) wrote,

burning a witch, india ink

I made a picture of people burning a witch or a heretic today. However she is casting some sort of curse on them and they are all dying. It is not very tall but it is sort of long and can't be scanned (by me).

Since it is a very bad picture I must explain what it is going on rather than expecting you to get anything out of it yourselves.

crappy blurry photo of witch and dead priest:

dead priest and person at his head:

second person and monk with exploding head:

person choking on blood or witchcraft:

person with exploding bilious stomach:

person fading away:
Tags: so-called art
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I haven't been able to stop thinking about this ever since you posted it. I am particularly hypnotized by Blood Or Witchcraft. Thanks for sharing it.
Thanks, means a lot
i love your journal and art...pleast know you are my friend now. please know this courtesy is extended back. <3stacey
Hey, that's very kind of you. Do we know each other from somewhere?
i had come across new users on lj recently with this new account
are you okay with this?
Sure! And PM if needed :)
Argh you know there's no way to respond to anything you write! I respect that but that said there is something I want to get across (prompted by "aneurisms"):

If it's not too hard to get your hands on it, you might really connect to a collection of Kafka's letters to friends and family. The collection I'm thinking of spans his letter-writing life and you can see that, for lack of a better description, "useful hole" in his psyche slowly close up, and for no really compelling reason other than maybe ordinary maturation. And: it's okay. He becomes less desperate, less inwardly violent, but by no means diminishes as an artist. In fact I wish we had more of that Kafka, but he didn't have much time before he died.

thanks ;D

you know metamorphosis really is beautiful, no matter what they say...