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Not a dream

In frigid Stockholm where Shabbath comes in at 2:30 pm, I rounded a corner at night and was suddenly confronted with twelve or so riders on bay horses, dressed in white, crowned with nests of silver, bearing candles in their left hands. They passed through the stone sidestreet where I stood.

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i KNEW i had to go to sweden one day for some reason!
i looked at your interests and dialed 416-b-corgan just now. i got the voicemail, but the guy was speaking too quickly for me to understand. wtf was that? it wasn't billy corgan.
Are you )#@(*$ serious, ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I'll be right back
Oh God, I got him, he answered with his name but again, speaking too quickly to be understood, I freaked out and hung up without saying anything.
When I listed that as an interest the number wasn't even working and was fun to call just to be silly and try to have a bland conversation (with the "not in service" machine) using Pumpkins lyrics, I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I HEARD THE VOICE OF 416BCORGAN, the Canadian phone version of Billy Corgan, at last, a HUGE goal has been crossed off my life achievement list, all thanks to you.

I will now stop harassing CanadianPhoneCorgan.
i got him. and i understood what he said: "darryl's-office-miles-speaking." i came up with a dumb name and he told me i had the wrong number. ahhhhhhhhhh! i was hoping this would be like the hall and oates emergency hotline.
I have been informed that the word for the feeling I have regarding this issue is "turnt."